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We are also about enabling people to progress as far as they wish and during 2020 we will be providing opportunities for our more advanced ringers learn and then score quarter peals in methods on the Bellboard 2020 Blue Pathway. This covers methods beyond Plain Bob, which assist with breaking the leap to ringing 'Surprise' methods down into easily manageable steps.

The methods we will focus on in this pathway are:

These methods also lie on the Learning the Ropes Doubles and Minor Pathways.

We will also try ringing the other methods on these pathways including:

Much of our ringing at New Alresford is on eight bells and we will also ring the Triples and Major versions of these methods.

Once we have completed the Blue Pathway we will also be working on the Bellboard 2020 Red Pathway.

We will also continue to provide opportunities for more of our ringers to learn to conduct.

There is also an active handbell band in Alresford and the surrounding area, led by Ian Redway. If you are interested in change-ringing on handbells (not tune ringing), and have perhaps tried this before, contact Ian for further details.